• Travel Agent Myths

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    All Travel Agents and Agencies are the same.

    FACT: Every travel agent is different and has a different area that they specialize in. So, depending on what type of trip you are looking to take one travel agent will suit you better then another. That's why it is important when planning a trip to find a travel agent that specializes in where you want to go.


    Fact: Travel agents still sell 51% of all airline tickets, 87% of all cruises, 81% of all tours and packages, 45% of all car rentals and about 47% of all hotels.


    Fact: Travel agents know the ins and outs of different itineraries. While you might find one that is a little bit cheaper, that cheaper itinerary might involve a whole slew of headaches. For example, longer waits at the airport and odd travel times. Atravel agent will be looking to get you the best value for your money spent, which should include the most direct and time friendly itinerary they can find. Unless you have told them you would prefer to have the cheapest options presented as well expect value to be a factor included in the trip they plan. 


    Fact: The fee a travel agent charges really depends upon the agent. While some of the more luxury agencies have higher fees, the average fee is quite marginal. Some travel agents will even drop the fee or offer a discount once you have finalized your trip with them. Plus, you can always ask an agent upfront what their fees are and decide for yourself if it's worth it. Also, it is important to remember that a lot of online booking sites, such as Orbitz and Expedia, charge a booking fee as wee.


    Fact: Although travel agents have access to all of the same outlets you would use when looking to book travel, they also have access to exclusive pricing and package deals that are most of the time not available to the public.Your travel agent also has more leverage in helping out in situations such as hotels claiming to be booked, when in fact they may still have rooms available that are on hold for travel agentsreservations. So when everyone else is telling you "NO" your travel agent can help turn that to a "YES"


    Fact: Travel agents obtain some of thier information from the same sources as booking site. They also receive daily emails and phone calls with new specials from resorts and hotels that may not bepublished on the internet. Travel agents can also call a place dirctly to see if they can work out other kinds of special deals for you, something an online site can't do.


    Fact: Although you can find much of the same information that the travel agent provides for you on your own, you are going to spend a lot of valuable time doing so. A travel agent can actually save you from hours of painful research and price comparison shopping. their prior knowledge and experience gives them the upper hand in the trip planning. 


    Fact: Travel agents book hotels , cruises, and activities every day. The companies that provide these services know that and want their business and will work to keep that business coming back. So while a place might be telling you "Sorry We Are Booked," for your one time trip, they are more likely to make an exception forthe travel agent to insure that the agent sends them more business in the future.

  • Fiji

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    Fiji is an exotic paradice in the south pacific made up of 322 islands,  nearly two thousand miles east of Australia. Once feared as the haunt of cannibals and fierce warrior tribes, today Fijians are regarded as a supremely friendly and welcoming people who are so relaxed they consider it rude to rush.

    The verdant islands of fiji are famous for their eternal sunshine and their beauty is legendary, with orchidshanging over waterfalls in lush jungle, and palms lining long stretches of beach. Visitors can immerse themselves in offshore activities like swimming with the manta rays, snorkelling over coral gardens, scuba diving on the famous Astrolabe Reef, or riding the " Cloud Breakers ", amazing 20ft waves off Tavarua, an island resort.

    Suva is home to more than half of Fiji's population and it is not only the capital of the country, but an important regional centre of the South Pacific.In this city it is possible to eat on a floating fine dinning restaurant, drink at a vibrant quirky bars, shop at the bustling municipal market or explore the Fiji Museum, one of the many historical and cultural sites in the city. During the day there is as much to see and do as there is at night down Victoria Parade, where the buzzing nightlife keeps the city alive when the sun dives below the horizon. Suva is also a good launching pad for venturing into the surrounding wild areas.

    Most visitors will, however, arrive in Nadi, one of the largest towns in Fiji, and the main international port. Visit the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant inside Nadi, of travel to the Sabeto Mountains, Sugar-City Lautoka or Natadola Beach, one of the numerous special sites surrounding Nadi. Alternatively, rest and relax at the Wailoaloa and Newtown beaches and get ready to move onto the next island paradise.

    The Fiji archipelago is the transport hub of the South Pacific, so domestic and international flights are continually stopping at the Nadi airport, the main international airport. From there it is easy access the offshore island resortsor the other large islands of Vanua Levu or Taveuni, as well as other destinations int he Pacific.


  • Spain

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    Budget airlines and affordable fares have turned Spain into a beach resort haven for northern Europeans wishing to escape their own (sometimes) damp and dreary climates. with sun-bleached beaches and favourable  rate of exchange for most travellers, it's easy to see why Spain is such a popular choice for an unforgettable beach holiday in Europe.  An incredible 53 million people visit Spain each year (the second most in Europe after France), and the country deservesits formidable reputation as a tourist haven.

    Some may feel that the Canary and Balearic Islands have been overrun by tourists, and this true to some extent-Tenerife, Lanzarote and Mallorca have become synonymous with cheap package holidays and warm beer, Ibiza's reputation has, for some, been tarnished by the revellers frequenting its famous dance clubs and beach parties. However, even in these crowded resort areas you will find many  magical, unspoiled corners awaiting discovery.

    Spain is comprised of numerous autonomous regions, offering great variation within one country. The hundreds of miles of Mediterranean coastline provideample opportunity to get off the beaten track, and the country's vibrant cities and colourful festivals will amaze and delight even the most seasoned traveller. Art lovers can get lost in the Spain of Gaudi, Dali,  and Picasso, of Goya and Velazquez - proudly displayed in the country's museums and galleries.

    Spain's Pamplona is a unique experienceof thundering streets that vibrate to the rhythm of man and beast during the annual running of the bulls, and while the whole country celebrates each february with the carnaval, no place does it better than Sitges. Barcelona is Spain's showcase of the unique architectural style of Guadi's bizarre organic turrets and balconies. For a more provincial experience,  the Valencian town of Buñol goes wild every year with the La Tomatina festival, a time when the region's surplus tomatoes - following the annual harvest - are dumped on the streets and are pelted about in a friendly riot.

    Spain is also a country rich in heritage and the historic cities of Toledo, Salamanca, Saville and Granada promise a wealth of early Christian and Moorish buildings and monuments, as well as the remains of some incredible medieval sites. Spain has six cities that have been declared UNESCO  World Heritage sites, more than any other country in the world.

  • Italy

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    Itlay dips down out of the mediterranean like a lady's leg firmly planted in a sleek stiletto, so its hardly surprising that Italians are known for their impeccable style and fashionable dress sence. They're also known for once having an empire that streched accross the globe, and for having the most spectacular churches, frescos, scuptures and renaissance paintings in Europe.

    The Italy of today is litterd withthe relics of more than 3,000 years of history, and an atmosphere that ranges from the Armani-wearing, scooter-driving, expresso-buzz of its cities to the quite, pastoral existence of its beautiful hillside olive farms and seaside fishing villages. Italy is also home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country on earth, with an encredible 47 sites of global historical significance dotted around the country.

    From the depths of canals in Venice, which floats on a series of islands in an Adriatic lagoon, and the bleached sands of San Remo on the Riviera, to the rocky crags of the Alps, Dolomites and Apennines, Italy has everything from beach holidays to luxury mountain ski resorts.

    Italy's cities revealawe-inspiring architecture from the curved arches of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence to the crumbling magnificence of the colosseum in Rome. Home of da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Botticelli, and its artworks are a visual delight to all visitors.

    Nestled into the outskirts of Rome is the independent Vatican city, the seat of the Pope and home to the famous St Peter's Basillica and the Sistine Chapel. The influence of the Holy Catholic Church on the people of Italy today is still evident today in a series of holy festivals, carnivals, and parades involving young and old alike in almost every city, town and village.


  • Puerto Rico

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    Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island with a difference. It has the prestine beaches, tropical climate, crystal-blue seaand coconut palms characteristics of its counter parts, but along with its unmistakable spanish colonial heritage, the island today is also part of the United States Commenwealth, meaning it has a first-world infrastructure mixed in with its traditional latan american culture. Hamburgers areas endemic asisland dishes like sancocho, and the freeways connect shantytowns to high-rise beachfront hotels. The second thing that makes Puerto Rico different to other Caribbean  holiday meccas is that it remains largely undeveloped, except for the coastal region around its capital city, San Juan. The island is edged with some magnificent beaches that are mosty uncommercialised, and which are easily reached from the capital and its large resorthotels because the island is so small and compact.

    Exploring Puerto Rico, both around its coast and throughout its interior, is a delight. Road are excellent and there are numerous interesting attractions and unrivalled experiences, from the worlds largest radio telescope to the magical experience of swimming at night amongst tiny phosphorescent creatures on the offshore island of Vieques.

    Historically Puerto Rico, like many Caribbean islands, was originally inhabited by Taino Indeans untill the arrival of Chistopher Columbus and the instigation of spanish rule and settlement. The islands capital and larger towns have preserved their spanish haritage as "old quarter" tourist attractions, full of charm and interest. Puerto Rice is a hybrid of old and new which makes it an intriguing cultural destination, rather than just another tropical island paradise.


  • Turks and Caicos Islands

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    cruise, flight, vacation packages

    Pristine white beaches, vast corl reefs and crystal clear warm waters surround a set of eight inhabited islandsand many deserted cays. These islands drew honeymooners, scuba divers and vacationers in droves. With many of visitors arriving by cruise ship everyone leaves smiling and de-stressed, and most will return again and again to enjoy the tranquillity of this unspoiled tropical island paradise.

    The Turks and Caicos Islands are famous for the reef system that surrounds them, the third most abundance of marine life, as well as excellent dive facilities ensure that diving is the number one activity on the islands. The channel that separates the Turks Islands from the Caicos Islands is a deep passage that is a major route for the humpback whales, dolphins, and eagle and manta rays. The reef wall around the southern edge of south Caicos Islands is said to provide the finest diving in the archipelago. The shallow reefs close to the shore are excellent for snorkellers and with visibility up to 200ft (61m) there is no need to be underwater to appreciate all the sights.

    The most popular islands for holidaymakers are Grand Turk, the site of the quaint capital, Cockburn Town. and Providenciales (Provo' for short), both well equipped with modern hotel, condominium and spa complexes offering every tourist amenity. The other islands offer more rustic accommodation suited to romantics and nature-lovers who want to get away from it all. Clocks, televisions and radios are hard to find on the laid-back cays, and the nightlife mostly consists of sundowners and stargazing.

    If you have ever dreamed of escaping from the rat-race and becoming a castaway, this is the place to lose yourself in.


  • Cruise Vacations

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    Exotic tropical island vacations, luxury and adventure cruises, romantic getaways, honeymoon packages, safaris, and tours. You need a vacation and we're here to help you find the perfect trip.

    Browse or search through our site (which is filled with the most comprehensive and up-to-date specials available) to see the wide variety of trips we offer and then contact us so we can help you narrow in on the perfect trip. We're looking forward to making your next trip a memorable and enjoyable one, so contact us today and get packing!



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